Best wishes 2021

First and foremost, this year, even more than other years, we would like to wish everyone good health for 2021. We hope that the new year will be one with a lot of professional and family happiness for you.

We also want to thank all customers for their confidence and great projects in 2020.

Highlights 2020

With 2021 peeking around the corner we look back on the past year. 2020 was a “surreal” year, to say the least.

That the “C” word had somewhat something to do with that, is maybe stating things a bit mildly.

In mid-March 2020, in less than 48 hours, we made a transition to 100% working from home. Fortunately, thanks to numerous tools and the right technology, this went smoothly and we were also able to provide our customers with maximum support in these difficult times.

Despite the fact that – like many others – we were often confronted with the practical aspect of this corona crisis, it didn’t kept us from working hard on various infrastructural upgrades and projects for our customers.

We made a list with some of the highlights of 2020. This way we have it written down that 2020 was just mostly bad but still had some good in it as well:

  1. A new data center
    We have taken further steps towards the preparation of our ISO27001 certification. In this context, our infrastructure has been relocated to a new data center.
  2. Network upgrades
    A new routing infrastructure with faster blocking and re-routing mechanisms for malicious IP ranges.
  3. Lots of great projects
    Different kinds of projects ranging from development, DevOps or a combination of both and this for clients such as Wezooz Academy, VAF (Flemish Audiovisual Fund), Boker Tov, The Antwerp America Foundation of VOKA, … and many more.
  4. Great colleagues and customers
    Who despite of everything, created a great atmosphere and kept our hearts warm and motivated!

Time to celebrate!

Every year we try to make something special from our “best wishes”. We try to make them sweet, funny or at least entertaining.

Last year, we made a ‘cut-out’ best wishes card.
This year, due to all the teleworking, we missed our office in Antwerp so much. Because of that we incorporated it into our best wishes card.

Do you recognize the Antwerp Leien, the port and our office in our animated snow globe? Be sure to keep scrolling and take a look inside our office, because we have a little extra in the end!

best wishes from the Kinamo snow globe

See you soon?

We would have liked to have ended this blog post with an invitation for drinks and nibbles in our office in Antwerp. We’ll have to wait just a bit longer for that… but in the meantime we can already meet for a digital toast.

Let us know when you have a moment to do a digital toast together and discuss how we will make the best of it in 2021.