Kinamo business continuity

Worldwide, measures are currently being taken in connection with the COVID-19, Corona virus. At the moment, we have not yet received any questions of customers being concerned about the continuity of Kinamo services.

In the blogpost below we’ll go into more detail but here is already the short answer for anyone having questions about the continuity of Kinamo services:

  • We do not expect problems with the continuity of services
  • Our customer service remains accessible in the same way

Getting in touch with Kinamo

At Kinamo we are dedicated to offering the best possible customer service and also to the wellbeing of the people in our team. In order to provide optimal protection for our employees against COVID-19 we will telework using our own cloud services and follow government guidelines.

For our customers, nothing changes. We do not expect problems with the continuity of services and our customer service remains accessible.

You can still order, a large number of our services via our site.
We remain available in the same way for support and advice:

We do our utmost best to answer all customer questions as quickly as possible. A fast, personal and customized approach is at the core of how we work at Kinamo. Every day we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.

On our Network status page, you can find information about the status of our services. In the unlikely event that there is any impact on our services – which we do not expect – we will communicate this openly on our status page. We are obviously doing everything we can to avoid this and we do not expect it to come this far.

The core message

We hope everyone stays healthy. That is the most important message in this blog post.

The second key takeaway from this blogpost is that Kinamo remains operational. Nothing changes for our customers.

More information about Corona

For those interested in scientifically-based information about the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we recommend this website.

Of course, there is also the official website of the Belgian government and the official website of the Epidemiology of infectious diseases.