Best wishes and the Kinamo annual overview 2021

We’ll start with the most important part of this blog post:

Our best wishes for the new year. May 2022 bring happiness, love, success and health to each of us!

Thanks also to all our customers for calling on our services, the exciting projects and many challenges.

But now the time has come, 2021 is over.
It was a year in which everyone looked forward to hopefully getting back to a “more normal” society, but unfortunately … . In 2021 we were again impacted by the visit of a whole Greek alphabet of variants.

And no, we cannot just restore a backup of the version of the year 2018 to get back to how it was before a virus messed everything up; as we are usually able to do for applications (Someone actually asked us this question).

Just like last year, we mostly worked from home at Kinamo and we didn’t see each other in the office or visited customers, but worked through Teams or Zoom calls.


Whether we saw each other in real life or not, we made the best of it anyway! And that’s what we want to talk about now: just like every year, at the start of a new year we take the time to reflect on the past year:

2021, a year behind the scenes

We are referring to the many preparations we have made in the run-up to all kinds of upgrades and adjustments that we will roll out in 2022. But also on the many upgrades and patches that we’ve done, in 2021 behind the scenes / screens 😉.
Our customer support is also something that most of the time is behind the scenes and not very visible, but yet an important pillar of Kinamo operations. That is way we also take the time to mention some key metrics and information about this.

Managed services in the spotlight

Our team of system administrators has completed many great things in 2021, but in this annual overview we will focus on virtual desktops and containers.

Development projects

A lot of gems have been written in code again. Discover some of the highlights of realized development in 2021.
From many new features for existing customers such as Bokertov, Octopus and Axis Group to new projects for Laila Tov, Chamber Of Commerce And Industries Antwerp Waasland and Siemens Digital Industries.

See you soon?

We would have liked to conclude this message with an invitation to come over for drinks and nibbles in our office in Antwerp. That will have to wait until…

But in the spirit of making the best of things, let’s set a date to meet for a digital toast via Zoom, Teams, or another platform, don’t let us postpone toasting together but just do it digitally!

Be sure to let us know when you have a moment to toast digitally and to discuss how we will make 2022 a great year together!