Infrastructure upgrades 2020

Despite the fact that we too – as many – were confronted with the practical side effects of the corona crisis this year, it did not mean we could not continue to work hard on several important infrastructural upgrades behind the curtains!

Network upgrades

In 2019 we already made an important upgrade to our core network. These improvements continued in 2020 by refreshing our edge routing infrastructure.

The new routing infrastructure allows us to intervene more efficiently and quickly if we have to divert or change IP traffic for some reason.

As a surplus we pro-actively block malicious IP ranges or reroute where necessary. This means only traffic that is really meant for the Kinamo network arrives where it should arrive.

In 2021 we continue to upgrade these important elements and additional systems will be added to offer more automation and de-doubling of these important business processes.

Data center transition

As goal for our further preparations for the ISO27001 certification we are aiming for, but also to improve our current service offering, we took the tough decision to relocate an important part of our infrastructure to a new data center.

When deciding on the new data center we paid attention for overall quality, certifications of the supplier and independent character of the data center infrastructure. This pretty big migration is finished for 99% and will be fully completed in Q1 of 2021.