• Kinamo’s META greetings VERSE

    Are you ready for some more festive greetings? We hope so: here are our best wishes for you, our customers, partners, team and friends.

    Because the best wishes phenomenon would be rather incomplete without actual “best wishes”, here is what we hope that 2023 brings you: good health, happiness, and prosperity.

    Is there anything else on your wish list for 2023? Do let us know! Who knows, it might involve Kinamo bringing you a solution for one of your business challenges or just us, applying some “out of the box” thinking. We can at least try to make your wish come true.

    We hope you have another 3 minutes for us because creating original best wishes in our own unique Kinamo style is something we take very seriously. Really, we do!

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  • Discover here how we’ve fixed a blocking error when upgrading ESXi 6.5 to 7.0 update 2 through vSphere Lifecycle Manager.

    Kinamo maintains multiple VMware vSphere clusters, not only for our own infrastructure, but also for a variety of customers. As you may already know, keeping these clusters up to date is one of the important tasks that comes with maintaining them.

    In this blogpost we will deal with the following error:

    Software or system configuration of host XXX is incompatible.

    We encountered this error when trying to upgrade ESXi 6.5 to 7.0 update 2 through vSphere Lifecycle Manager’s “updates” tab.

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