2021, a year behind the scenes

In the context of our annual overview of 2021 we also included a couple of things that aren’t very visible most of the time and thus behind the scenes. Let’s have a look behind the screen, uh scenes, of 2021!

Upgrades and fixes

The past year has been one with a lot of preparations for all kinds of upgrades and adjustments that will roll-out in 2022.

In addition to these preparations, the necessary infrastructure upgrades were done to storage systems, firewalls and backups. The main objective of these upgrades is always to improve the performance, security and availability of our infrastructure for our customers.

Our infrastructure does not only have be efficient, but also safe. Internet-related threats are of course not new. However we do notice at Kinamo that there is an exponential increase in the number of “new emerging threats” and thus, the consequence of this is that many more security patches are needed.

One of the more recent security patches that has also made the news is the Log4j vulnerability. Since it impacted almost everything on the internet we also did the needed upgrades to various machines for this.

Kinamo is ISO9001 certified, which means that we maintain an internal quality system. In this context we also have internal procedures for performing (necessary) server upgrades, patches and security rollouts. These procedures ensure that we have a clear plan of action, know the benefits, risks and options that ensure that everything runs smoothly. Carrying out these upgrades and patches on our infrastructure ensures that our customers always have an up-to-date system or – if the latest patches cannot be applied – a solid, safe environment.

In addition, we worked hard on an upgrade of our website hosting cluster.
In 2022, we will migrate the classic PHP websites (WordPress, Craft CMS, PHP hosting) to a completely new system, giving customers more autonomy and control over the settings of their hosting.
The new hosting cluster is equipped with a future-proof upgrade/update strategy that should also considerably simplify updating WordPress sites.

Kinamo Support

A tailor-made approach and a personal approach are the two foundations on which Kinamo is built. Every day we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. An important part of this is our customer service. Customers who purchase services from us, such as domain names, SSL certificates, web hosting (e.g. for a WordPress site), hosting or managed services can always contact us if they have questions or need support for these services.

The fastest and easiest way for customers to reach us with their questions is by sending an email to support@kinamo.be.

Discover all other possible ways to reach us here

Kinamo has been working with a ticketing system for more than 15 years, whereby all e-mails sent to support arrive centrally in a queue system and can thus be efficiently allocated to the internal specialist for that service / question.

We also use the ticketing system to measure and improve both the speed and quality of our services. We aim to try to answer all support tickets the same day (with or without a Pandemic). The average response time for a ticket at Kinamo is therefore between 1 and 4 hours.

In 2019 we added a rating system to our ticketing system. When closing a support ticket, a customer can choose to share their satisfaction with us. Since the introduction of this rating system, hundreds of customers have already left a rating.

On average we received a satisfaction score of 98% “very satisfied” for the support. We will do our best in 2022 to further maintain and improve this score.

We would like to thank our customers for being our customers 😊 but also for their input regarding our service. Thanks to the input we have received in recent years, we have been able to further improve.

Not just Good but: the best! Business-like, fast and flexible and friendly I have never experienced anything so good in NL.


“super service. fast and personal.”

Tom b.

“Fast and friendly response to my questions. Very helpful in finding solutions to problems.”

Sandrijn VW

“fast & accurate!”

Wies T.

“Always such a fast and good support. Glad to be your customer!”

Joris S.

We have been able to achieve this 98% satisfaction score thanks to the Kinamo team, which strives every day to answer our customers’ questions not only as quickly as possible, but also as well as possible, even during a pandemic.

Thank you Kinamo team!

Development support

Our support for questions about domain names, hostings, managed services, SSL certificates has been around for a while.

In 2019 we also started a separate support for following up questions related to Kinamo development projects. These are projects in which Kinamo has taken on the development or assists the customer with adjustments/maintenance of its web application.

One of the main reasons we have chosen to also work with a ticketing system for our development projects is that this way all questions are received centrally and are followed up by the entire Kinamo team. This ensures that questions are followed up independently of any leave or absences of our employees.

Another reason is that, just like with our other support, we strive to answer all questions as quickly as possible in order to be able to evaluate our services.

Submitting a development support ticket is just as easy as a normal support ticket. The only difference is the email address: projects@kinamo.be.

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